The New York Times reported on Thursday that President Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to order his White House counsel to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last year -- and now his biographer is warning that he's going to try it again.

Writing at Bloomberg, Timothy O'Brien argues that the latest bombshell revelations about Mueller show that Trump does not believe there should be any constraints on what he can do while in office.

In particular, O'Brien dismisses the argument that we should feel relieved that Trump eventually pulled his demands to fire Mueller after White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign unless the president backed off.

"Let's not pretend, however, that the president will remain subdued for very long," he writes. "As the temperature of his investigation rises, expect the president to act out in increasingly volatile ways, and to stretch the boundaries of the law to counter Mueller's probe."

O'Brien then imagines Trump will begin this process by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein -- and then plowing through as many DOJ deputies as it takes before he finds one willing to carry out his bidding.

O'Brien also speculates that McGahn might now be cooperating with Mueller's probe, as the special counsel seems to have enough evidence to prove that McGahn kept former national security adviser Michael Flynn in his post for weeks despite knowing that he had lied to FBI agents.

"If McGahn is now in Mueller's crosshairs, he might have decided that the simplest solution is to cooperate with the probe and turn over information in exchange for gentler treatment," he writes. "In that scenario, McGahn becomes the source, directly or indirectly, of all kinds of interesting stuff for investigators and the media to ponder."

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