Trump shocked Brits by ordering Theresa May to make people stop protesting against him: report
British Prime Minister Theresa May visited US President Donald Trump at the White House in January. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

President Donald Trump last year ranted about nonexistent "no go" zones in London to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May -- and she was forced to tell him that he was mistaken.

In a big Bloomberg article on Trump's relationship with May, former May strategy director Chris Wilkins says that "Trump turned to May and told her he believed there were parts of London that were effectively 'no-go areas' due to the number of Islamic extremists" during a meeting between the two world leaders in 2017.

Wilkins claims that May didn't let Trump's bogus talking point stand, however, and spoke up to "correct him" and inform him that London did not have any "no-go zones."

Elsewhere in the story, Bloomberg reports that Trump berated May for the unfair treatment that he received in the U.K. press and refused to set foot in the country until she could guarantee that he would not be greeted with mass protests.

"May responded to say such treatment was simply the way the British press operate, and there wasn’t much she could do," Bloomberg writes. "In the secure bunker underneath the prime minister’s office, her advisers listened in to the call in astonishment at Trump’s demand."

Katie Perrior, May’s former communications director, tells Bloomberg that she now regrets her former boss's decision to offer Trump a state invitation to visit their country.

"It was clear to me and others at the time that an offer of a state visit to President Trump was over the top and unnecessary," she says.