Trump is still 'obsessed' with Hillary — and doesn't seem to know lying to the FBI is a crime: NYT's Haberman
Donald Trump speaks to press (Photo: Screen capture)

Commenting on her bombshell New York Times report about President Donald Trump's unprompted admission that he's "looking forward" to his interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, reporter Maggie Haberman noted another strange exchange she had with the president.

The president, Haberman said, is still "obsessed" with Hillary Clinton, and only said he'd be willing to answer FBI questions under oath after he asked if his former campaign rival had done so.

"He doesn’t seem to know that lying to the FBI even without being under oath is a crime," Haberman tweeted, noting that perhaps his disgraced ex-adviser Mike Flynn, who was charged with lying to bureau investigators, "can tell him."

Audio posted shortly after Haberman's tweet by CNN appears to corroborate her claim that the president is still "obsessed" with Clinton.

"You people won’t say this, but I’ll say it," Trump told reporters. "I was a much better candidate than her. … I was one of the greatest candidates."

Listen below: