WATCH: Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff tells Bill Maher Trump is having an affair 'right now'
Michael Wolff (Screengrab)

On Friday, Michael Wolff -- author of the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House -- insinuated to Bill Maher that President Donald Trump is having an affair "right now" and that if readers know what to look for, the evidence is in the book.

The "Real Time" host asked Wolff if there's anything in the book that he wishes people would ask him about.

"There is, but I can't tell you about it," Wolff said coyly, according to The Daily Beast.

"Well, f*ck you, Mike," Maher quipped.

There was one thing he wanted to put in, Wolff said, but told Maher, "I didn't have the blue dress."

“It’s about somebody’s he’s f*cking right now?” asked Maher asked.

"Yes," Wolff said. "You just have to read between the lines."

“Now that I’ve told you, when you hit that paragraph, you’ll say, 'Bingo,'” he added.

Watch the video. embedded below: