WATCH: Fox News guest warns Republicans are facing a 'blood bath' in 2018
Jim Kessler on Fox News (Screenshot/YouTube)

A guest on Fox News warned viewers Monday that the Republican Party could be facing major defeats in the upcoming midterm elections.

Third Way co-founder Jim Kessler said that the Republicans had failed to compromise with Democrats in Congress.

"The Republicans have a problem," he explained. "They're going into the midterms -- their approval ratings wouldn't melt an ice cube. So they are looking at a bloodbath in 2018 and 2017 was a year in which Republicans really did not look to Democrats for help. They did everything on their own. There needs to be a change. The signal needs to come from President Trump and it's got to be more than words -- it has to be deeds."

"One of the things you saw both in the Virginia race -- where Democrats won the governorship -- and in Alabama, where Doug Jones won, in these purple and red states Democrats nominated moderates," Kessler added.

"And if they are nominating moderates in purple and red areas, they could have a very, very successful election in 2018.. so I think Democrats feel optimistic about 2018."

Watch the video below: