WATCH: GOP governor candidate cosigns Christian gun cult leader who thinks schools are turning kids gay
PA gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango speaking with armed Christian sect leader Hyung Jin Moon. Image via screengrab.

A Republican gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania is under fire after appearing in an interview with a self-described "second king" of an armed Christian sect where the latter claimed public schools indoctrinate children in the "homosexual agenda."

As the Pittsburg Tribune-Review reported, gubernatorial candidate and "wealthy political outsider" Paul Mango took the video interview with Hyung Jin Moon, a leader of the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Eastern PA and son of the man behind the infamous "Moonie" cult earlier this month.

"They're getting indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda, they're getting indoctrinated in the transgender agenda," Moon said in response to Mango's discussion of his pro-charter school voucher education stance. "Saying that their emotion — that they can choose how they feel, based on how they feel, their gender, which is totally against the Bible, it's totally against biology."

After representatives from the local Democratic party blasted Mango's "homophobic and extremist interview" with the cult leader, the candidate's spokesman issues a statement claiming he didn't agree with the "indoctrination" comments, but does think "our culture has eroded and has become more and more intolerant of traditional family values."

You can watch the clip of the 37-minute interview where Moon expresses his beliefs below, or the entire interview via his YouTube channel.