WATCH: MSNBC panel lays out how Trump's posture towards Russia shows collusion may be ongoing
President Donald Trump meeting with Russia's American ambassador Sergei Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (via Creative Commons).

President Donald Trump's attacks on those investigating him have caused many to view his conduct as continuing obstruction of justice. On Wednesday's "Deadline: White House" on MSNBC, the question became whether there might also be ongoing collusion with Russia.

"Russia's top spy is on the U.S. sanctions list, he isn't allowed to be in the United States without special permission," Wallace noted. "He's listed on the Department of the Treasury's blocked persons list."

"So, why was he here meeting with U.S. government officials?" Wallace asked.

"Is it a coincidence we're not going to enforce our sanctions?" Wallace asked NBC analyst John Heilemann. "Just an extraordinary thing."

"I have no theory about what this is about,"John Heilemann admitted. "I have no idea, but it is so much part -- we as humans do pattern recognition -- it is so consistent with the large pattern of the odd, disturbing cozying up to Russia that has happened from the moment Donald Trump stood on the national stage all the way up to this very day as he sits there in the White House."

"Look, if this were a bad action movie, I would have left the theater by now," Jason Johnson, the politics editor for The Root explained.

"You would think they're sticking jump drives in his laptop whenever he goes to the bathroom," Johnson continued.

"If you let the spy agency in -- that is directly responsible for affecting our elections -- on the same day the president says I'm not going to put through the sanctions that my own Republican-led Senate voted for, let's be clear we just handed away our power, we have handed away our sovereignty," Johnson concluded. "It's just ridiculous."

"We talked about the Mueller investigation as though it has now been reduced to an obstruction of justice investigation," Wallace noted.

"But we also wonder aloud whether the obstruction of justice is ongoing. Might the collusion also be ongoing?" Wallace asked.