WATCH: ‘Pissed-off’ Ana Navarro goes nuclear on ‘buffoon’ Trump apologist over ‘sh*thole’ remarks
Ana Navarro, John Berman, Jason Miller -- CNN screencap

Republican strategist Ana Navarro went absolutely nuclear on Trump supporter Jason Miller's defense of the president's declaration that he didn't want to let people from "sh*thole" countries like Haiti into the United States.

During the panel, Navarro -- who started the panel by admitting she is "pissed off" at the moment -- said President Donald Trump needs to understand that a lot of people who have made the United States great have come from poor countries to build better lives for themselves.

"This country is great and the reason people want to come here is because this country has been built decade after decade from the very start by people fleeing political persecution, by people fleeing 'sh*tholes,'" she said. "They came from 'sh*tholes' in Africa, and they were shackled to the bowels of ships, and whipped and beaten and auctioned like property. A lot of them are buried in Arlington. Maybe when he was busy dodging the draft to Vietnam, instead of talking about shitholes and being a public, shameless racist, he should take a walk outside the White House and see the names imprinted on the wall and see how many people come from 'shitholes.'"

Miller insisted that there was nothing racist about the president's remarks, despite the fact that he said he'd rather let more people from majority-white Norway into the country than from countries whose majorities are people of color. Instead, he claimed that the president was simply trying to get a fair deal done to reform our country's immigration system.

"He will get a deal done on DACA," said Miller. "He is trying to get comprehensive immigration reform done in a way that Obama and Bush couldn't."

Navarro grew utterly exasperated at Miller's defenses of Trump and let him have it.

"You look like a buffoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying!" she said. "This is Donald Trump being a racist. I don't care what you say."

Watch the video below.