WATCH: Tennessee man tells stunned British actress that God pointed to Trump and told him 'That's my man!'
A Tennessee man who voted for President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Actress Miriam Margolyes has been touring the United States for the past several months trying to talk with Trump voters to get a sense of why they voted the way they did.

Part of her travels took her to rural Tennessee, where she met a group of voters who claimed they didn't trust anything about the federal government -- but insisted that they had full trust in President Donald Trump, who now leads the federal government.

When asked to resolve this seeming paradox, one man explained that he saw Trump as being different from other politicians, as "Trump is trying to stop what they've started."

Another voter then chimed in to offer a more supernatural explanation for his support of the president.

"We trust honorable people," he said. "That's why we love Donald Trump. A year and a half ago -- this may sound odd -- but, uh, I was sitting one day and God spoke to me and said [of Trump], 'That's my man.'"

Margolyes seemed taken aback by this answer and asked if there was anything that could convince him that Trump was actually not good for America -- and she quickly understood based on his body language that there was not.

Watch the video below.