WATCH: Tomi Lahren goes on bonkers rant accusing liberals of 'brainwashing' teens into eating Tide Pods
Tomi Lahren (Screen cap).

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren is angry about teenagers filming themselves eating Tide Pods, and she knows exactly whom to blame: Liberals.

In a new video rant posted on Friday, Lahren took aim at the "Tide Pod Challenge" craze -- in which teenagers film themselves eating laundry detergent pods and then post the videos on social media sites -- and said it was the fault of the left for destroying the American family.

"I know what you're thinking -- the Tide Pod Challenge couldn't possibly be political, could it?" Lahren asked rhetorically. "Actually, yes it is. It's just the latest symptom of a larger problem -- the breakdown of the American family. It's what happens when kids aren't taught boundaries, respect, consequences, or logic."

But how, exactly, has the left used its influence to convince teens to eat Tide Pods? According to Lahren, it all stems from Hollywood's control of popular culture.

"The left, which dictates popular culture, brainwashes young people into believing they live in a world where 64 gender options are up for selection, everything is free, Beyonce is a god-queen, and eating detergent is funny!" Lahren fumed. "Americans, we are better than this!"

Watch the video below.