WATCH: Trump backer claims Mueller bombshell can’t be true because it didn't appear in Wolff's 'gossip book'
Trump communications director Jason Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN’s Breanna Keilar on Friday battled former Donald Trump campaign communications adviser Jason Miller as he tried to insist reports about the president considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller were false because they did not appear in Michael Wolff’s White House book “Fire and Fury.”

The New York Times on Thursday reported that Trump ordered White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, but backed down after McGahn threatened to quit.

“It really makes liars of the president and a number of his top aides,” Keilar explained, rolling a montage of White House aides insisting the president had not considered dismissing the special counsel.

Miller tried to cast doubt on the reporting, prompting Keilar to note, “CNN confirmed it. Fox News confirmed it.”

“Four people said they were briefed on this supposed conversation,” Miller replied. “Does not say there were four people in the room.”

“That’s who you're going with, ‘supposed conversation?’” Keilar asked.

“We just had this Michael Wolff book pop,” Miller said. “And so this is something that supposedly happened seven months ago, we had this gossip book that came out with hundreds of pages of things that were somewhat true—maybe not true—and you tell me this detail didn't even make it into that book, that this is something that no one ever heard about and just now, while the president is in Davos, giving this momentous speech, this is when it pops?”

“I don't know,” he continued. “It seems suspect to me. The whole thing, we're treating it like the president actually went and fired Mueller. He didn't. Even if he did … he can fire anyone he wants anytime he wants.”

Watch Miller’s one-of-a-kind defense of Trump below, via CNN: