WATCH: Wichita police employee shoves teen girl referee during fight at youth basketball game

An employee of the police department in Wichita, Kansas was caught on video shoving a teenage girl who was working as a referee at a youth basketball game.

The video, which was posted on Facebook over the weekend, shows a man confronting a teenage girl who was refereeing a local basketball game and at one point shoving her away during their argument. The man then tries to walk away from the young referee with a young male player, as the referee tries to eject the man from the gym.

The Wichita Police Department tells the Wichita Eagle that the man in the video is an employee of the department, although it will not confirm whether he is a police officer. The department says it has launched an investigation into the incident.

The video was originally posted on Facebook by a Wichita man named Craig Carlson, who says he wasn't at the game, but who nevertheless identified the man as "a Wichita PD officer." He said that the abuse the young ref takes from adult bystanders is all too common in youth sports, and notes that "this is exactly why there is a shortage of officials in sports."

Watch the whole video below.