‘Where do I send the box of chocolates?’ Michael Wolff thanks Trump for turning his book into a blockbuster
The Hollywood Reporter's Michael Wolff on CNN (Screen capture)

"Fire and Fury" author Michael Wolff on Friday thanked President Donald Trump for filing a lawsuit in an attempt to block the publication of his book.

"Where do I send the box of chocolates?" Wolff said of Trump during an interview on NBC's "Today." "Not only is he helping me sell books, he's helping me prove the point of the book. This is extraordinary that the President of the United States would try to stop the publication of a book. This has not happened from other presidents, would not even happen from the CEO of a mid-sized company."

Wolff went on to say that Trump's decision to try to block his book was part of a broader pattern of disturbing behavior that even the president's own advisers describe as childish.

"They all say he is like a child," Wolff said. "And what they mean by that is, he has a need for immediate gratification. It's all about him. I mean, this cease and desist letter -- I still have sources in the White House, and everybody was going, 'We should not be doing this, this is not smart.' And he just insists, he just has to be satisfied in the moment."

Watch clips of the interview below.