White House-bashing 'Fire and Fury' sold out as an instant hit -- in Trump country
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Journalist Michael Wolff's provocative new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House flew off store shelves on Friday -- even in Trump strongholds.

The Barnes and Noble bookstore in Lubbock, Texas sold out by 9 AM, KCBD News reported.

At Changing Hands bookstores in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona, co-owner Gayle Shanks admitted to ordering too-few copies.

"It instantly sold out upon its first printing," Shanks explained. "We clearly under-ordered. No question. We initially ordered 100 copies for two stores and now expect another 100."

PennLive reported three local booksellers were sold out of the hit book along with Target and Walmart.

Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi co-founder Richard Howorth explained to Variety that they had sold and had already reserved half of the second batch of books, scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

“We were certainly caught off guard,” Howorth admitted. “We didn’t know that this would be this explosive and that it would be in the news this much.”

There weren't any available copies in Philadelphia, TheInquirer reported. Delaware Online also reported area bookstores were sold out.

The Barnes and Noble in Sacramento, California sold out within three minutes, ABC 10 reported.

Henry Hold and Co., the book's publisher, moved up the publication date after Charles Harder, Trump's lawyer, sent a cease and desist letter.