White House source tells CNN: Trump firing Mueller is still a 'possibility'
CNN's Jim Acosta

CNN reported on Monday that President Donald Trump is still considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller even though the White House has insisted otherwise.

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta reported the news to host Wolf Blitzer just hours before Trump's State of the Union Address.

"While the president is not expected to address the Russia investigation in tonight's State of the Union, CNN has learned that Trump has grown increasingly impatient with the special counsel's office," Acosta said. "A source close to the White House, who is familiar with the president's speech, said that it is still possible that the president could fire Robert Mueller."

Acosta quoted the sources as saying, "Anybody who knows Trump best knows that is a possibility. This guy is a street fighter and he thinks this Mueller investigation is B.S."

Previous reports have claimed that Trump has already threatened to fire Mueller but the action was shelved after White House Counsel Don McGhan threatened to resign.

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that Trump has even discussed ordering Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prosecute Mueller and his team of investigators.