'You're really big': Kellyanne Conway begged Trump not to obsess over crowd size by praising him, book says
KellyAnne Conway and Donald Trump at the Mercer family's 2016 "Heroes and Villians" costume ball on Long Island.

White House aide Kellyanne Conway reportedly tried to convince President Donald Trump not to lie about the size of his inauguration crowd by telling him he is "really big."

After media reports noted that Trump's inauguration crowd was much smaller than President Barack Obama's, Trump demanded that then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer tell the media otherwise, according to a new book by Fox News host Howard Kurtz.

The Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the book, reports that Kurtz describes Conway "as one of the few calming presences on Trump."

The Post notes that Conway spoke up when Trump tried to have Spicer push back against the media's correctly-reported crowd size estimates.

'You’re really big," Conway reportedly told the president. "That’s really small."

In the end, Trump ordered Spicer to attack the media's reporting, making the press secretary ripe for mocking by Saturday Night Live.