Youth soccer coach challenges person who left racist liberal-bashing note on his car to come hang out with him
Eagle, Idaho youth soccer coach Jeromy Tarkon (Screen capture)

An Eagle, ID youth soccer coach says that he is still in shock after receiving an angry anonymous letter containing threats and racial slurs against his players.

However, KTVB Channel 7 said that coach Jeromy Tarkon is not responding to hate with more hate. Instead, Tarkon urges the letter-writer to get to know his team and their families.

"It's because of liberals like you that our state is full of racial slur and racial slur," Tarkon said, reading from the letter he found on his car Sunday. "Your racial slur boy made the soccer field unclean by stepping on it. You are no better than the trash families you have, you are trash. Be careful how you coach one day you may upset the wrong parents or families."

Tarkon coaches the Juniors Futbol Club, a squad of players from diverse backgrounds.

"I think we speak seven or eight languages on just my son's team alone," he told Channel 7.

Since receiving the angry note, Tarkon said he has been anxious and wary.

"It's had me awake the last two nights. Every bang I hear it's like is someone vandalizing my car or my house, and that's one episode," he said.

However, Tarkon believes that the community will rally around his team and ultimately come together as a result of the threats.

"Ultimately there's a lot more good people in this community than there are bad," the coach said. "What's going to happen is the community is going to rally together."

He extended an invitation to the letter's author, saying, "Come on, come hang out with us. Come meet the kids, come meet the families, spend the day with us. Your view will change. They're the greatest people you'll ever meet hands down."

The Eagle Police Department is investigating the threatening letter as malicious harassment.

Hate and discrimination crimes have risen sharply in the U.S. since the election of President Donald Trump. The president's name has reportedly become a commonplace schoolyard taunt that white children use to bully children of children of color.

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