'You've asked enough': Paul Ryan snaps at reporter when he asks why GOP won't wait to release memo
Paul Ryan speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

House Speaker Paul Ryan snapped at CNN reporter Manu Raju on Tuesday when he asked why House Republicans won't wait to release their memo about purported misconduct at the FBI until the House Democrats' memo is ready to be released.

Raju started off by asking why it was considered acceptable for the GOP to release a memo that Democrats have called partisan and highly misleading while at the same time denying Democrats the right to release their own memo rebutting it.

Ryan explained that the Democratic memo hadn't yet gone through proper vetting procedures to ensure that it didn't compromise any intelligence gathering sources, but he said it would likely be released at a later date.

Raju then asked him why the GOP wouldn't wait to release its own memo until after the Democratic memo was ready to go.

"You've asked enough," Ryan told him before moving on to take another question.

Watch the video below.