Armed sheriff's deputies now guarding home of officer who hid outside during Parkland massacre
Broward county sheriff Scott Israel/Screenshot

Sheriff's deputies are now guarding the home of Scott Peterson, the armed school resource officer who hid outside as 17 students were massacred inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

The 30-year veteran of the force took cover outside the school while the shots were being fired. Peterson was suspended without pay when video surveillance exposed his actions, and promptly retired.

"He has the necessary time with the agency, and meets the requirements of retirement, so he resigned-slashed-retired," said sheriff Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Peterson is only 54 years old, but is eligible for retirement with pension after 30 years. This is very common in law enforcement, because of the dangerous nature of the work.

Peterson and his family are now being guarded at their home by his former colleagues "at their request," according to a report from Miami 7 News.

Brian Entin, a reporter for the station, says that when he attempted to contact Peterson he was accused of trespassing.

"Last night we went to the deputy’s home in a non-gated community. Palm Beach deputies turned us away - asked for ID - wrote down all our information - and accused us of trespassing. We couldn’t even knock on his door."

Sheriff Israel said he has reviewed footage of his officer hiding outside the school during the shooting, but declined to release the video.