'They should be ashamed': Don Lemon rips Trump and CPAC crowd for 'low blow' attacking John McCain while he's 'fighting for his life'
CNN's Don Lemon

President Donald Trump had promised Meghan McCain and Cindy McCain that he would refrain from attacking Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) while he's fighting glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer that has a very low survival rate.

Political contributor Chris Cilizza noted he once thought Trump's campaign was "over" when he attacked McCain for "getting captured."

"I think he does not like John McCain and John McCain hasn't really made it a secret he doesn't like Trumpism either," he said simply. "Donald Trump broke his word to Meghan McCain and Cindy McCain he wouldn't attack John McCain any longer given the struggle against brain cancer. It shouldn't be that surprising. Joan [Walsh] mentioned the last segment this is Donald Trump in front of the most raw meat crowd you could have as a Republican president. He likes applause."

"It's just unnecessary," Lemon said. "It's a low below, unnecessary, and he should be ashamed of himself and the people should be ashamed of themselves for applauding. Here is John McCain --"

"Literally fighting for his life," Walsh cut in.

"Thank you," Lemon said to Walsh. "And it's just gauche, to say the least."

Watch the commentary below: