Black Florida woman receives lynching threat from ‘Whites 4 Trump’ after argument about Parkland
Terri Silar of Tampa was threatened by a racist Trump supporter

Law enforcement in Florida are investigating an incident of workplace racism by a supporter of President Donald Trump, WTSP reported Saturday.

Terri Silar, who is black, said it started earlier this week when several co-workers were discussing gun control and President Trump in the wake of the Parking shooting massacre.

The next day, she found a monkey stuffed animal with a noose around its neck hanging from her office chair.

There was a racist note attached to the monkey.

“You are getting deported back to Africa n****r and that will make America great again," the note read.

The threat was signed, “Whites 4 Trump.”

A note on her monitor read, "n****r b*tch."

"I was shocked, but most of all I was hurt,” Silar told WTSP.

“I felt threatened. I didn’t feel safe. For someone to be that bold. That is a blatant boldness and a hate crime," Silar explained. "It is a monkey with a noose around its neck. What message do you think I’m going to take from that?”

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and Silar says her company is supporting her 100 percent.

“They were just as appalled as I was," Silar noted.