BUSTED: 4 sitting CA state legislators named in dozens of sexual harassment allegations
CA Assemblyman Travis Allen (R, left) and State Sens. Tony Mendoza (D, middle) and Bob Hertzberg (D, right).

The California legislature on Friday released records spanning back a decade on eighteen sexual harassment cases involving state lawmakers.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, the records involve four current state legislators: Assemblyman Travis Allen (R), Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (D) and state Sens. Bob Hertzberg (D) and Tony Mendoza (D). Also included in the records dump was former Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D), who resigned last year after being accused of groping and forcibly kissing multiple women.

The cases involve accusations "ranging from sharing of pornographic photos to a staff member accused of grabbing a woman's buttocks and genitals," and include allegations dating back to 2006 regarding five lawmakers and ten senior staff members.

"In all, here were 79 allegations," the Times noted. "62 claims filed in the Assembly about lawmakers or staff, in some cases about the same individuals, and 17 claims filed in the state Senate."

"Allen was counseled in 2013 after two women said he made them uncomfortable, according to heavily redacted documents," the San Bernardino Sun reported. "Hertzberg was warned in 2015 after an employee complained that he pulled her in close and began dancing with her and singing her a song. Burke was accused of having a conversation about anal sex with her staffers in her office, according to a letter sent to the assemblywoman early last year."

Sen. Mendoza, the Sun's report continued, "is on leave pending a Senate investigation into claims he acted inappropriately with young interns in his office."