BUSTED: Son of Florida school principal doctored a Parkland protest sign to include sexist and anti-Semitic slogans
The original sign made by a gun control advocate student in Fleming Island, FL (left) and a doctored version of it (right). Images via Twitter.

A group of teens, including the son of a principal in Florida, reportedly manipulated an image of a classmate holding a gun control sign to include sexist and anti-Semitic messages.

Jacksonville's Action News reported that the superintendent of Clay County Schools implicated the son of Fleming Island High School's principal in an email to the school's board.

In the original image, a student posing outside of the Duval County Courthouse holds a sign proclaiming "fear has no place in schools." In the doctored images, however, the sign either shows a swastika and a racial slur or bears the slogan "women are property."


Despite the implication of a family member of the school's principal, school district spokesperson Nicole Snyder said because it took place off school grounds and apart from school hours, they are "limited in our discipline response because it did not impact the learning environment."

Though the motive behind the doctoring of the signs by the Fleming Island students remains unknown, it marks the second time since the Parkland mass shooting on Valentine's Day that an image was manipulated in a misleading manner regarding the massacre.

Yesterday, the father of Parkland student Colton Haab admitted he doctored an email that showed a CNN producer telling the teen to "stick to the script" when asking questions during a post-shooting town hall last week. The theory that CNN attempted to script the town hall was promoted on Fox News and by far-right Twitter pundits prior to Glenn Haab's admission.