Carl Bernstein details how Kushner is 'in the crosshairs' of Russia probe: Mueller 'focused on him like a laser'
Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein on CNN (Screen capture)

Famed journalist Carl Bernstein on Tuesday declared special counsel Robert Mueller is focused “like a laser” on Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, arguing the top White House advisor “in in the crosshairs” of the Russia investigation.

Bernstein was discussing reports Kushner had his security clearance downgraded by Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly. CNN’s Anderson Cooper noted the president is still free to share what he wants with Kushner, regardless of his son-in-law’s security clearance.

“Absolutely he has the right to and he might well,” Bernstein said. “There is a subtext, though, to all of these stories coming together at once. And that is—as is known to the President of the United States and officials throughout the White House—Jared Kushner is in the cross hairs of special prosecutor Mueller's investigation, which is focused in part on Jared Kushner like a laser.”

Bernstein added there are “many, many strikes lining up against” Kushner in Mueller’s investigation.

“The subtext here is that part of the things that have led to the rejection of his being eligible for a security clearance are also part of Mueller's investigation, particularly aspects that have to do with perhaps monetizing his position in the White House during the transition, trying to shore up his failing business enterprises while at the same time doing business on behalf of the Trump administration,” Bernstein said, calling the probe “serious business.”