Chris Rock: 'The cast of The Apprentice is running the world'
Comedian Chris Rock (screengrab)

Comedian Chris Rock's new "Tamborine" special on Neflix presents two controversial theories on President Donald Trump, MSNBC's "The Beat with Ari Melber" reported Wednesday.

"A new message on the impact of Trump's presidency from a political expert, comedian Chris Rock in his new special talks about bullies and makes the argument that while bullying is bad, if as a culture nobody knows how to take on a bully, then bullies can win," Melber explained.

"We need f*cking bullies, that's how Trump became president," Rock said in his stand-up special, which was released Wednesday. "We got rid of bullies, a real bully showed up and nobody knew how to handle it."

"Sh*t, the cast of "The Apprentice" is running the world," Rock observed. "Trump, the daughter, Omarosa, they run the world, man. Oh, sh*t is crazy."

The comedian, however, has a controversial theory on how the Trump presidency will be remembered.

"Here's the crazy thing, it might just work out, Trump might work out," Rock suggested. "Yeah, I said it, Trump might work out. I mean, think about it this way, Bush was so bad, he gave us Obama."

"You forget that sh*t don't you? Bush was so bad that people said 'hey, maybe this black guy has the answers.' I think people overlook George Bush's contributions to black history," Rock continued. "George Bush is a black revolutionary, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, George Bush."