CNN's Jake Tapper calls out Trump for claims he hires 'the best people': 'That is a subject for debate obviously'
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Jake Tapper seemed floored by the statements coming from the White House that they were prepared to not only defend former staffer Rob Porter but didn't want to accept his resignation.

"First of all, I want to take the back half of it for a second," Tapper began. "The idea that because he wasn't running around the White House punching women in the face makes this -- is surprising to them, to learn that he's a domestic abuser. I mean, it reveals quite a tremendous amount of ignorance about what domestic abusers look like. They look like everyone. Every man and some women as well."

Tapper noted that the White House acknowledged that they could have handled this situation better.

Former spokesperson for Barack Obama, Jen Psaki, noted that Porter was in a high level position and that deputy press secretary Raj Shah was excusing the accusations by saying things like "this was a long time ago," "we're not going to pre-judge that" and "there's a long process."

"If you're an average person at home you're thinking, 'But wait a second, this guy abused two of his ex-wives, what are we doing here?"

Tapper cut in to say that it wasn't all that long ago, it was simply prior to working at the White House.

"Which is the most irrelevant and absurd statement," Psaki said. "He is an abuser. He was an abuser then he is an abuser now."

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