CNN's Jake Tapper gets emotional when speaking to 'traumatized' Parkland massacre survivors
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Image via screengrab.

After asking Parkland, Florida mass shooting survivors how they're handling the aftermath of last week's shooting, CNN host Jake Tapper became emotional when they described the trauma they experienced.

"We're all feeling very traumatized," Sawyer Garrity told the host after he inquired about how she and her classmates are handling the ordeal. She described the night prior, when she and her friends and fellow interviewees woke up from nightmares about being killed by a gunman.

"Children shouldn't be having these thoughts," Garrity said. "Children shouldn't be scared of these things. It's not right."

"You're right," Tapper said quietly in response. "You shouldn't."

He later noted that when watching video from President Donald Trump's listening session for mass shooting survivors and their families, the three girls were holding each others' hands.

"You were there for each other and that was a very beautiful thing," he said, his voice cracking. "Don't stop being there for each other."

Watch below, via CNN: