'Come on, Jack!' CNN panelist expertly rips apart Trump supporter's 'deep state' conspiracy theory piece by piece
Former Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon debates Jack Kingston on CNN (Screen cap).

Former Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon on Friday expertly tore apart a Trump supporter's conspiracy theory about an FBI plot to bring down President Donald Trump.

Appearing on CNN with Trump supporter Jack Kingston, Fallon walked through all of the major logical fallacies required to believe that the FBI was secretly in cahoots with Hillary Clinton to undermine Trump's presidency.

After listening to Kingston rant about the "bias" that the FBI now supposedly wants to cover up by objecting to the release of Rep. Devin Nunes' (R-CA) controversial memo, Fallon laid waste to Kingston's entire argument.

"This just goes to the heart of how crazy the entire conspiracy theory is that Trump supporters are peddling to try to justify the release of this memo," Fallon said. "If you think about the 2016 campaign, you had Jim Comey give that press conference in July, you had that letter being sent ten days out from the election, the e-mail investigation into Hillary Clinton was thick in the air throughout the entire campaign."

Fallon then went on to note that while Comey saw fit to publicly reopen the Clinton email investigation right before the election, he never once publicly disclosed that the FBI was also investigating President Donald Trump's campaign over its possible ties to Russian government officials.

Fallon then finished Kingston off by noting that Trump's own appointees -- FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein -- would have to be part of the conspiracy theory.

"Think of the implications now of the conspiracy theory," Fallon said. "Come on, Jack! Do you really believe Christopher Wray, Donald Trump's handpicked FBI director, he could have picked anybody in the world he wanted for that position, he picked Christopher Wray. Do you now think Christopher Wray is part of some deep state conspiracy theory?"

Watch the video below.