Conservative activist resigns from 'sh*thole' right-wing organization over diaper 'safe space' event
Turning Point USA / Twitter

A conservative activist who worked for the right-wing nonprofit Turning Point USA slammed the “sh*thole organization” in a resignation letter to her bosses.

As Talking Points Memo reports, the former president of Kent State University’s Turning Pount USA chapter Kaitlin Bennett submitted her resignation, and posted a copy of her letter on the libertarian site Liberty Hangout.

"After the events of the past week, I have decided that it is in my best interest to part ways from Turning Point USA and tender my resignation immediately,” Bennett wrote in a letter addressed to Frankie O’Laughlin and Alana Mastrangelo.

Bennett’s main point of contention appears to be the fallout of an anti-safe space event that featured Kent State members in diapers. As Talking Points Memo reports, that event was “widely mocked”—and Bennett feels she dealt with the fallout alone.

“I was embarrassed to have been left alone to deal with the aftermath of the safe space event,” she wrote. “Although I thought the safe space event was funny and have zero remorse for holding it, I took full responsibility for it when Turning Point failed to show any leadership.”

“As of right now, I am in disbelief at how I went from being so upbeat, enthusiastic, and passionate about this organization to being disgusted, frustrated, and embarrassed to have invested my entire senior year into an organization founded by a college dropout who hires some of the most incompetent, lazy, and downright dishonest people I have ever encountered,” Bennett continued. “While Turning Point USA is a career for the two of you, for some of us it was a passion. Instead of recognizing this, you put your paychecks ahead of the principles you claim to represent, and turned your most dedicated activists away from your organization.”

“I am deeply saddened that Turning Point USA did not turn out to be the organization I thought it was, as it was once a dream of mine to work for you after college,” she wrote.

“However through all of this, I am thankful for something,” Bennett added. “I have realized how much of a sh*thole organization Turning Point USA is, and am glad I got out of this bullsh*t before I invested my whole life into it, let alone just my senior year of college. Now that I have a clear conscience and have no desire to continue my employment with Turning Point, I will have the time to find a real job, something I recommend for you. Maybe answering to business professionals rather than college dropouts, egotistic enough to put their face on stupid memes, will give you the leadership skills you desperately need for your positions.”

“P.S. If you need a safe space after everyone hears about this, I still have the diapers,” she concluded.

For its part, Turning Point USA managed to get its own dig in tweeting at the organization’s executive director Charlie Kirk: