Conservative explodes with righteous fury on White House staff for protecting abusers like Trump
Amanda Carpenter (Screenshot)

Conservative CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter on Thursday railed against the White House and President Donald Trump.

Carpenter, a former Ted Cruz staffer, was reacting to the White House's response to ex-staff secretary Rob Porter, who allegedly had abused two of his previous wives.

"The bottom line of this is that they protected an abuser, and guess what, it's a job qualification to work in the White House, to protect someone who talked favorably about sexual assault on the Access Hollywood tapes," she said. "That's the job qualification in the White House."

"This is the same president who laughs along with Howard Stern when he says disgusting things about his daughter," Carpenter continued. "I don't know how people in the White House let this man date [communications director] Hope Hicks... They protect abusers. There's no way of getting around it."

"If you tolerate people who do this to people they say they love, what will they do to the people they don't know? This matters to a normal person. These people don't have restraint. It's disgusting to watch."

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