Desperate Pennsylvania GOP says Dem candidate must be defeated to 'stop Hillary' from winning

Even though Hillary Clinton has not run for office in well over a year now, Pennsylvania Republicans are still using the threat of her nonexistent presidency to rile up their voters.

As noted by CNN's Rebecca Berg, a new Republican mail flyer attacks Democratic congressional candidate Conor Lamb by tying him not only to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, but also to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Stop Hillary, stop Pelosi, stop Lamb," the flier reads, although it doesn't go into any details about how defeating Lamb's candidacy would "stop" Clinton, who is not running for public office and who hasn't held elected office since 2008.

Lamb, who is running in the strongly Republican district of PA-18, has run a surprisingly close race against Republican rival Rick Saccone. The two most recent polls of the race, which is set to take place next month, show that Saccone only leads Lamb by single digits, despite the fact that Trump won the district over Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 points.