He 'didn't hear a damn thing they said': Angry Americans crush Trump demand to arm teachers
Donald Trump at school shooting listening session (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump sat with his arms crossed at one point and proposed his ideas for how to stop school shootings. Many parents and survivors found problems with his words and some corrected him.

Some pointed out it was obvious these parents were all pre-screened so that they wouldn't be talking about gun control.

It was noted that Trump also likely went off script when he said he would support background checks, something the NRA opposes.

Trump proposed arming teachers in classrooms, something the internet blasted, but also parents and teachers in the room with the president shot down. When they explained why they didn't support it, applause echoed through the White House room. Interestingly, Trump once said that that his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton incorrectly stated that he wants guns in the classroom. "Wrong!" he responded to it. Less than two years later, that is exactly what he proposed.

They also noted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos smiling throughout the whole meeting.

Here are the best takes below: