'Eat sh*t!' John Oliver and squirrel celebrate winning defamation case brought by 'Dr. Evil' coal baron
John Oliver and a squirrel that hates coal barons/Screenshot

John Oliver has won a defamation case brought by a coal baron who took exception to a segment bashing him on the comedian's HBO show. The case was dismissed with prejudice.

As Oliver described it tonight, the segment about Robert Murray and his coal company "culminated in a seven-foot squirrel telling him to eat shit."

"It's not final yet, and I've been advised not to say much more for now," Oliver said.

That will wait until after Murray has the chance to appeal the decision to the West Virginia Supreme Court.

"That time will come," Oliver said. "I promise we will discuss this whole case as soon as we are able."

A West Virginia judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by coal giant Murray Energy Corporation and its CEO Robert Murray against Last Week Tonight host John Oliver after the HBO show ran a segment criticizing Murray and the coal industry in general.

Here's the bit from tonight's show.

And here's the original segment.