Eric and Don Jr. egged on Trump’s weekend Twitter tirade against the FBI: CNN
CNN's Boris Sanchez in West Palm Beach, FL (Screen capture)

CNN's Boris Sanchez reported on Sunday that sources say President Donald Trump's weekend Twitter attacks on the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation were spurred by his sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

Sanchez told anchor Fredericka Whitfield that the president has chose to spend the weekend indoors and away from the golf course to avoid the "bad optics" of being seen golfing while the grieving families of Parkland, FL lay the victims of Wednesday's mass shooting to rest.

The trouble with the restive president and his child-like attention span is that it has left him beholden to the influence of his sons, who have shown themselves to be eager dupes for racist conspiracy theories and other disinformation campaigns.

"He's essentially spending the weekend inside watching cable news and speaking with his sons," Sanchez said, "who sources tell us have been urging him to respond to some of the allegations that have been made in recent weeks and to take on the FBI in light of the revelations in the indictment."

Watch the video, embedded below: