'Exactly like his boss': CNN panel blows smoke at notion John Kelly is a 'moderating force' on Trump's White House
Gen. John Kelly (image via Homeland Security/Creative Commons).

A CNN International panel on Thursday blew smoke at the notion John Kelly is a “moderating force” in the White House, explaining that the retired general is “exactly like his boss,” Donald Trump

Discussing the recent accusations against Rob Porter—and Kelly’s subsequent defense of the former White House aid—commentator Jamal Simmons told the panel “John Kelly is not the moderating influence on Donald Trump we might have though he was.”

In fact, Simmons suggested, Kelly may be “exactly like his boss,” arguing people may say Kelly is “just as bigoted, just as prejudiced” as Trump.

Conservative commentator Matt Lewis called Kelly’s defense of Porter “really unbelievable.”

“Political malpractice for John Kelly,” Lewis declared.

Trump supporter John Phillips tried to accuse members of Congress of also abusing women, prompting Kirsten Powers to shut him down.

“That’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about John Kelly,” Powers said. “What does Congress have to do anything?”

“We’re talking about something in the White House that happened, and whether John Kelly, who’s supposed to be a moderating force, if the way he’s responded this is appropriate,” Powers declared.

 Lewis later noted that conservatives had hoped Kelly would bring two changes to the White House.

“One, we hoped that he would bring order and discipline, and I think he sort of did that, it’s a tough job,” Kelly explained. “The other thing that we hoped was that John Kelly would be an adult, he would bring a little bit of moral leadership to a president who lacks it, and I think there he’s failed miserably.”

Watch below, via CNN: