Former Bush ethics lawyer nails Trump staff: 'If they threw out every wife beater or collaborator with Russia they'd have a thin staff'
Richard Painter (Photo: RealTime/Twitter)

It was another insane night of news coming out of President Donald Trump's White House and Bill Maher's "Real Time" panel explained that it was really more of the same.

Former ethics czar for President George W. Bush, Richard Painter, noted, "It's a very difficult situation for this White House; If they were to throw out everyone who was a wife beater or collaborated with Russians, they might have a thin staff."

He went on to call the government's supposed "checks and balances" nothing more than "a joke."

"It's not working, it's a joke. There's no oversight in the House of Representatives or the Senate," he said.

Maher asked what the "check" is in "Democracy Bingo" when things like this come up.

"Well, they need to get the boot," Painter said. "Because they're not going to do anything. Look at the Oversight Committee. They spent two years looking at Hillary Clinton's emails and didn't do anything else and they weren't interested in John Kerry because he'd already run for president and they were focusing on her. Then comes Trump and there's no oversight anymore."

Maher brought up the fact that people often wonder if a unified government could fix the dysfunction in Washington, but even with a unified government, there's still dysfunction.

"Not only are they not doing anything, or anything good, they do whatever they want!" Maher said. "Security clearance? We don't need that anymore. The problem with the Neil Gorsuch thing, people forget, Neil Gorsuch should be Merrick Garland. But Mitch McConnell -- but because they control three branches of government they just go, 'we're not doing that.'"

He went on to recall that even the GOP-led Congress demanded that the sanctions against Russia not lapse but that Trump refused to do it and that Congress isn't doing anything about it.

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