'This guy says we're not going to be a laughing stock?': John Oliver's perfect Trump smackdown in epic return
John Oliver (Photo: Screen capture)

Comedian John Oliver made an epic return to late-night Sunday after several months on hiatus.

After being off since before the holidays, Oliver and his team had to choose which issues were the most important to recap. They opted to discuss the United States' reputation on the global stage.

President Donald Trump campaigned on the idea that the United States wasn't respected. It's unclear where he gathered the information, since polls have shown opinion of the U.S. has fallen since he was elected. Regardless, Trump calling places "sh*thole countries" likely didn't help.

Oliver noted that Trump's attacks have now caused the U.S. global median approval to sink so low it's equal to "replacing Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman franchise with Matt Lauer.” He explained that the U.S. is slowly losing what he called "soft power," that is derived from a country's personal brand. It's built up using everything from diplomatic gestures to pop culture. Trump, however, has done little to fix it. Instead, he doesn't seem to even know or care.

“I’m the only one that matters,” Oliver said Trump thinks. His “America First” obsession, ultimately is creating a leadership vacuum that is being filled by other allies.

To maintain it's reputation, Oliver took the role of an ambassador to promise the world that "Donald Trump does not reflect America."

He tried to prove “Trump is the worst of us, but he’s not all of us," and to illustrate it, he held a parade displaying the best and worst of what America has to offer. It included everything from the T-Rex costume to Star Wars and Scientology. He showcased New York's Gay Men's Chorus singing Smashmouth’s “All Star," all while Oliver slipped into a bed shaped like the Batmobile.

Watch the video below: