'Heartless d*ck': Florida high schooler smacks down right-wing conspiracist for criticizing how her classmates reacted to shooting
Right-wing YouTuber Mark Dice. Image via Amazon.

After a right-wing conspiracy theorist took to Twitter to criticize students at the Florida high school where a gunman opened fire and killed at least 17 people Wednesday, one of those high schoolers gave him an earful.

"Someone want to tell the Generation Z kids that in the event of a school shooting," Mark Dice wrote, "they should call 911 instead of posting video of it on Snapchat."

"17 people are dead," a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student responded. "17 of my classmates. This is how you f*cking respond? How much of a heartless d*ck do you have to be to tweet something like this."

She went on to note that "as we were running for our lives we were calling 911 to the point that they told us not to anymore."

A conservative YouTuber best-known for his videos promoting a belief in the Illuminati and attempting to "trigger" liberals, Dice is a regular InfoWars guest with a Twitter persona that largely consists of right-wing rhetoric touted by President Donald Trump and his supporters. He most recently stirred up scandal when tweeting a photo of a controversial adaptation of the biblical myth "Judith and Holofernes" by Obama presidential portraitist Kehinde Wiley.

Other users joined in on the Dice criticism, shaming the conservative YouTuber for attacking the teen victims of the deadly mass shooting.

"Hello, my name is Mark Dice and I’m here to blame 14 year olds for not ending a mass shooting that could have been avoided through legislation they are not old enough to vote on and that I advocate against," user Kyle Patrick tweeted, mocking the snake oil salesman. "Please like and subscribe."

"Really appreciate that while we’re busy debating whether or not guns are bad, Mark Dice shows up to let us know that actually it’s the kids who are bad," journalist Jules Suzdaltsev noted.