'He's plainly a traitor': Bill Maher asks Trump voters why the honeymoon isn't over
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

Bill Maher couldn't help but bring up President Donald Trump and the 13 Russian nationals that were indicted for hijacking the 2016 election.

"They used social media to rat f*ck our election," Maher said. While there is not yet proof of collusion, according to court documents. However, there is proof of "communication" with "unwitting individuals associated with the Trump administration."

"Yeah, that's the problem," Maher said. "Unwitting. It could have been anyone."

Maher turned to the camera to ask Trump voters specifically, "what is left for you? He's plainly a traitor, who doesn't defend his own country."

Maher also noted that Trump released his budget this week and all of the promises of things he said he would never cut like Medicaid were naturally cut.

"These Trump supporters, they're not conservatives," he said. "They're Drew Barrymore in '50 First Dates.' If you lose your memory every night it all starts to make sense."

The comedian noted that President's Day is Monday. A holiday, Maher said, tells every child in the U.S. that he or she can grow up to be someone like President Lincoln.

"And by that I mean get killed with a gun," he said to silence and gasps from the audience. "I know, but we have to hear it. I mean, after that horrible shooting in Florida, Trump never mentioned guns. He pivoted right to the NRA talking points. He said there were so many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed. Yes, we saw. He was wearing a Make America Great Again hat."

Watch the full opener below: