House intel Dem charges GOP with lying about the key facts behind their 'DOJ abuses' claim
Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe pictured on September 21, 2016 (FBI PHOTO)

A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee on Friday claimed central argument of a controversial memo pushed by Republicans on her committee is based on a lie.

"'Deputy Director [Andrew] McCabe testified before the committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] without the Steele dossier information,'" host Erin Burnett read from the memo, which was released earlier on Friday.

"You were there — is that what he said?" the host asked the congresswoman.

"I was there," Speier confirmed. "No, it is not what he said."

When pressed, the congresswoman admitted she couldn't share what the then-deputy director said when asked about the Fusion GPS dossier because the information remains classified.

"But it was not — those were not the words," Speier concluded. "That was not what he said. That was not the intention what he said of what he said when he was asked that question."

Watch below, via CNN: