'Jared Kushner feels like he's being picked on' over security clearance: Kushner friend tells CNN
Jared Kushner (Photo: Screen capture)

Sources close to White House aide Jared Kushner told CNN on Wednesday that President Trump's son-in-law "feels like he's being picked on" after his security clearance was revoked.

"The existing battle lines in the West Wings have been entrenched by this decision by [Chief of Staff John Kelly] to essentially strip Jared Kushner of his security clearance," CNN White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny explained. "Jared Kushner, first and foremost, he remains the president's son-in-law and we were told again and again, that is something to keep in mind here. The president, as we know, believes he is doing a good job."

Zeleny revealed that Kushner had known that he would lose his security clearance since Friday.

"He has gotten used to this idea," the CNN reporter stated. "One of the reasons, I'm told, that he was up on the Hill working on his domestic agenda. He does not want to seem like he is being shoved aside."

"Someone who is a friend/supporter of his this morning told me that he does not want to prove his critics right by leaving so do not look for Jared Kushner to leave," Zeleny continued. "The president we are told does not like the view of this on television, that his son-in-law looks like he's hanging out there."

"Jared Kushner feels like he's being picked on in some respects," he added.

Watch the video below from CNN.