John Oliver praises Parkland massacre survivors for refusing to be told it's 'not the time to talk about gun control'
John Oliver (HBO)

HBO's "Last Week Tonight" returned for Season Five on Sunday night and host John Oliver wasted no time in addressing the school shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

"These events are now so familiar that we basically automatically know how each side will play out," Oliver said. "Thoughts and prayers, f*ck your thoughts and prayers, it's a mental health problem, yeah but it's also a gun problem and then someone says, 'Now is not the time to talk about gun control' and everyone moves on until it inevitably happens again."

The current situation is different, Oliver said, because the survivors of the massacre are taking to social media and speaking to news outlets in clear, unmistakable terms.

"When the 'Now is not the time' argument came out, the kids from that school said, 'You know what? Yes, it f*cking is,'" he said before playing clips of the students speaking out and talking directly to President Donald Trump through the media.

"'We call BS,'" Oliver quoted from Emma Gonzales' speech on Saturday. "It is a little ironic that the people acting with the most maturity in this horrifying situation aren't even old enough to say the word 'bullsh*t' in front of their parents."

Watch the video, embedded below: