Kansas City high school closed to visitors after racist threats target black students
A man holding a gun (Shutterstock).

A high school in Kansas City was closed to visitors on Tuesday after administrators were made aware of racist threats being leveled against its black students.

Local news station KSHB reports that Kansas City's Northeast High School has locked its doors to visitors after parents alerted the school to racist threats posted on Snapchat this week.

The threats specifically targeted black students and said that they would get shot if they attended the school on Tuesday.

"ATTENTION STUDENTS OF NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL be prepared to be shot down tomorrow during a block lunch approximately 10 minutes after the bell," read one threat, which then went on to specify that it was "only aiming for n*ggers."

"So excited to see the blood of helpless students as rounds and rounds pierce through the skin of the innocent see all pf (sic) you in a few hours," read another threat.

Officials at the school say they believe the threats were generated by a computer to target any "Northeast High School" throughout the country, and they don't believe there is a threat targeted specifically at their school. Nonetheless, they decided to shut off all outside access to the school out of caution.

"As always, student safety is our top priority," a school spokesperson told KSHB. "Our own security team is doing an investigation and we are cooperating closely with the Kansas City Police Department investigators. At this point, we have determined that it is safe to continue with school uninterrupted but with enhanced security."