Listen to leaked audio from Obama's strangely secretive off-the-record MIT speech
Former president Barack Obama (Screenshot)

On Friday, former President Barack Obama gave a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and insisted it not be recorded.

Nevertheless, Reason got leaked audio from the event and said biggest revelations stem not from any of the content of the former's president's speech, but from the measures security took to keep it private.

Though the speech, which centered mostly on sports and his tenure at the White House, was "attended by hundreds of sports industry professionals, journalists, and students," it appears that nothing from it got out prior to Reason publicizing the leaked audio.

Obama's secretive session took place at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytic Conference, and a photo of the program listing warns that if caught, anyone caught leaking information about it could be "subject to removal from the conference and denied tickets to future SSAC conferences."

Obama did not mention his presidential successor by name, but alluded to him by joking that his White House was largely without "embarrassing" scandals. He also remarked that Americans have split themselves into groups that now live in "entirely different realities," and commented on his love of basketball and desire for an NBA junior league.

Listen below, via Reason.