Mississippi lawmaker forces GOP to confront its hypocrisy on extreme pro-gun laws
Mississippi state Rep. Charles Young (D) brandishes an unloaded gun in the state capitol building. Image via Facebook.

A Mississippi Democrat forced the state's GOP to confront their own hypocrisy on gun laws Thursday when he brandished an unloaded firearm on the floor of the state House.

Jackson, Mississippi's Clarion-Ledger reported that state Rep. Charles Young Jr. waved his gun and concealed carry permit when speaking on the House floor to protest a gun rights bill that later passed.

House Bill 1083, according to Mississippi Today, will strengthen protections for people with concealed-carry permits to bring weapons onto college campuses. University leaders throughout the state opposed the bill prior to its passage, saying it would make campuses unsafe.

"Let's grow up," Young said, citing a Supreme Court decision against Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn (R) that says legislative decisions can "supersede state law" with regards to his violation of "a joint legislative rule that says no one but sworn law enforcement can carry a gun in the Capitol or House or Senate chambers."

"Are you asking me to have you escorted out by the sergeant at arms, gentleman?" the Democrat asked the House speaker, which brought laughs from his "well-armed" colleagues.

Watch the lawmaker explain the stunt below: