'O'Reilly should come back:' Fans slam right winger Mark Levin's 'boring' 'almost C-SPAN' premiere show on Fox News
Mark Levin on the set of his new show/Screenshot

On the radio, arch-conservative host Mark Levin is a firecracker, railing about Obamacare "death panels" and the "coup" being waged against Trump. Levin is about as fringe as it gets—he's actually a WMD truther who insists that, yes, actually Saddam Hussein actually did have weapons of mass destruction.

But Levin's premire show on Fox News, featuring libertarian George Mason economics professor Dr. Walter Williams, was something entirely different.

Williams is an academic and Levin was drowsy, calm and professorly, talking about obscure debates between framers of the US Constitution and the number of hot dog buns available at grocery stores.

In a post-Mooch world, Fox News normally satisfied viewers did not enjoy seeing two mannerly elderly men prattle on about the evils of socialism.

"I’m sorry but the new Mark Levin show on #FoxNews is a snooze fest."

"I would rather count the 🐚 z on the ground than continue to watch #marklevinshow ..honestly...it started with here's my token esteem d colleague..quick as a 🐰 though Levin plummeted into masterpiece theatre 2018!"

"Watching Levin on Fox. Somehow I thought he would be more like Fire and Fury good, but he's putting me to sleep. They need to put some wiskey in those coffee cups and get some excietement going!"

"Does Mark Levin have a shuffleboard on his set of #LifeLibertyandLevin?"

"Fox - the levin show is boring. Terrible first show😡#FoxNewsSunday"

"Let's face it. I'm pro #FoxNews, and I like the segments of Mark Levin when on #Hannity or whoever; but I do not think his premier was up to standards. @JudgeJeanine or @JesseBWatters should do a second show- together. or @BillOReilly should come back!"

"Does FNC finally have a show,Levin, wherethey discuss withand not talkover the guest?Of course this is thefirst episode. Almost C-Span- ish."

"Thank you Mark Levin for putting me to sleep tonight. Waited all week for this? SMH."

"People who are bored by conversations re: Socialism & Slavery will be the 1st to scream "What Happened? HOW DID we get here? Settle in, ppl & LISTEN. Open your ears to his conversation. It may open your eyes in the end.#LifeLiberty&Levin#TuckerCarlsonTonight @realDonaldTrump"