Pentagon worries Trump's military parade will be a national security catastrophe: report
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

CNN's Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported Monday that the military is growing increasingly concerned about President Donald Trump's demand for a military parade.

While the military is accustomed to developing options to go to war, Starr noted that lately they've been developing options for Trump.

"The problem is this," Starr began. "What they have discovered is if President Trump wants a full-blown military parade, thousands of active duty troops, their weapons, tanks, missiles, aircraft, you know, in Washington marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, flying overhead, it is going to interrupt training schedules."

She quoted one official, who said "we don't have units just sitting around waiting to go on parade."

They're planning to present options to Trump and let him decide, but one thought they included as a kind of multimedia parade that could allow for massive video screens on the National Mall people could watch with videos of a display of some sort.

The solution in that case would not allow Trump to ride in a tank.

Watch the full report from Starr below: