REVEALED: Omarosa was fired for using the presidential motorcade as personal car service
Omarosa Manigault (Shutterstock)

A new report sheds light on the real reasons that controversial former Trump White House official Omarosa Newman-Manigault was fired from her job last year.

In a new Politico report on the struggles facing White House chief of staff John Kelly, it's revealed that Kelly fired Omarosa last November because she "had been using the White House car service -- known as 'CARPET' -- as an office pick-up and drop-off service, something strictly forbidden by the federal government."

The White House Transportation Agency is tasked with driving, securing and maintaining the presidential motorcade for the president and his family. According to an Army Times article, the agency "is staffed exclusively by Army NCOs" and "provides 24-hour transportation and cargo support services to the chief executive."

Staffers on the agency have duties that "typically involve driving in presidential motorcades, providing support services for Air Force One flights and assisting in other travel-related activities in the United States and overseas," writes that Army Times.

Omarosa has taken to publicly slamming the Trump White House ever since her departure via her appearances on "Celebrity Big Brother." On Monday, for instance, she claimed that Vice President Mike Pence believes that Jesus personally talks to him and gives him orders about what to say.