'Show of solidarity': Sessions dines with deputy AG Rod Rosenstein hours after Trump called his AG 'disgraceful'
AG Jeff Sessions (left, behind) and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (center) leaving DCs Central Michel Richard. Image via Twitter.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was photographed dining with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday night after President Donald Trump called the AG "disgraceful" on Twitter.

Axios reported the meeting, calling it a "show of solidarity" between the beleaguered heads of the Justice Department, both of whom have drawn ire from the president and at times been close to being fired by him.

"Sources close to the situation say today feels different than Trump's usual rages," Axios founder Jim VandeHei tweeted. "Sessions' allies are deeply concerned and Trump is totally fed up with his AG."

Watch video of Rosenstein and Sessions leaving the DOJ together below, via CNN: