'Shut up!’: CNN's Don Lemon is totally over people who say it's 'too soon' to talk about gun control
CNN's Don Lemon (Screengrab)

CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday expressed total frustration over a common refrain paraded out in the aftermath of ever deadly mass shooting—namely, that it’s “too soon” to talk about gun control.

“If you look at any of the information, any of the studies, anything that’s been done about this, the only common denominator that separates from the rest of the world … the only common link is the number of guns that Americans are allowed to have,” Lemon explained. “And listen, you can save it, people who are saying, ‘Oh, it's not the time to talk about guns,’ or whatever. Yes, it is. Shut up. I don't want to hear it. It absolutely is.”

“Again, anyone with any sense knows that this is the one common denominator that America has, the sickness that we have, that we have these sorts of things, is having this much access to guns from people, especially for people who should not have access,” he continued.

“So don't tell me that it's not time to talk about it,” Lemon added. “You talk to those people down in Florida who lost their loved ones, they’ll tell you: it’s time to talk about it. My loved one would be here if this shooter did not have access to an assault-style rifle.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN: